What exactly is a wheel alignment? Does your car, truck of SUV need one? A proper wheel alignment ensures that all four wheels of your vehicle are parallel with each other as well as perpendicular to the ground. This is accomplished by adjusting your camber, toe and caster to achieve that perfect wheel alignment. Having your wheels aligned at Affordable Auto Repair will save you money by making your tires last longer and by improving your mileage!

Our trained mechanics use the latest in diagnostic technology to determine whether your vehicle needs a front-end alignment, a full vehicle alignment or even wheel balancing.

Some signs that you might need an alignment are

wheel Alignment

What does a wheel alignment service include?

A wheel alignment from Affordable Auto Repair includes a full inspection of your vehicles suspension and steering system, adjustment of angles to return your vehicle to factory specifications. We will also road test your vehicle to ensure proper drivability.

Your alignment may also include