Tires are critical to the safety and performance of all vehicles. Worn tires mean less traction. If the weather’s bad or you need to stop quickly, the condition of your tires could make the difference between being in an accident, or avoiding one. Tires that are out of balance or aren’t properly inflated reduce a automobile’s performance, and increase gas consumption. Not paying attention to tires can result in incalculable costs.

Affordable Auto Repair knows the challenges of driving in the Victoria area, and take tires seriously. We offer a full range of tire services – from inspections to balancing and repair.

We also offer a wide assortment of new tires for cars, trucks, SUV’s and more.


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Next time you’re in need of tire repair, maintenance, or a new set of tires, come on in to Affordable Auto Repair – serving clients in Victoria, Langford, the West Shore and surrounding areas.